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Fusion Sports Performance Training

Physical preparation for an athlete in any sport requires the development and enhancement in abilities such as strength, power, speed, mobility/flexibility, agility, and endurance. In order to establish such requisites in an athlete, it is imperative that the sports performance coach knows and understands how these abilities relate to the given sport.

Fusion Performance Training coaches take individual consideration of the following:

  • Biomechanical movement of the sport and position
  • Time Motion Analysis of Sport (work-rest intervals of competition)
  • How long and often maximum force is being generated
  • Individualized adaptation rate
  • Athlete’s character and temperament
  • Medical history
  • Current physical abilities (Speed, strength, mobility, coordination, endurance)
  • Development of energy systems (Alactic, lactic, aerobic, mixed), and how they play a role in the position and given sport.

With all this considered, the Fusion Performance coach can then create a specific, tailored program that will allow you to obtain optimal results in the most efficient, safest, and orthopedically sound manner possible. A tailored plan is essential because the human body is a very complex system, and it is extremely important for the NYC sports performance coach to comprehend all of the above considerations before making any determinations about the developmental program of the athlete.

“To program the training, yet not understand these adaptation processes as any type of coach, is akin to playing Russian roulette”

– James Smith, Physical Preparation Coach.

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