Q. What are your sessions like?

Fusion sessions are focused on YOU and attaining your individual goals in the most efficient manner possible. We don’t use fad training. Our philosophies are backed with research, years of experience, and most of all – RESULTS.

We know that every minute counts in New York City, so we assure you that not one second of your session will go to waste.

While other personal trainers run you into the ground with a “no pain, no gain” attitude, Fusion trainers and coaches focus on quality training that enables you to obtain your goals in the most time-efficient and SAFEST manner possible. Anyone can make you sweat, but not everyone can get results!

Q. How do Fusion trainers continue their education? There are many fitness professionals that say they are “continuing their education,” but what does this mean?

Fitness trainers often claim to be “continuing their education,” but that could mean anything from watching old DVDs to reading blogs to following magazine cutouts. Worse yet, some trainers follow nonsensical workout routines advertised on television.

While we promote learning from various sources, we do NOT believe that a majority of your education should come from unproven coaches and magazines that push affiliates. This is what separates us from the so-called “Fitness Pros.”

Q. How Fusion trainers and coaches continue their education:

  • We travel and communicate with coaches around the country. We learn from the top fitness professionals.
  • Read, Read, and READ. But we don’t just read anything – we rely only on CREDIBLE sources. Such as medical reviewed research, National Strength and Conditioning Association journal, research and information from highly regarded and well respected coaches – Dr. Verkhoshansky, Dr. Issurin, Dr. Siff, Charlie Francis, Vern Gambetta and many more.
  • We shadow top coaches and physical therapists to learn from QUALITY sources.

Q. Why do we do all these things?

To bring better QUALITY training to our amazing clients! We CARE, and therefore we want to bring top-tier training to our clients. Fusion clients bust their butts to attain their goals, so the least we can do is bring our best!

Q. I’m just starting to get back into a routine. You seem to train a lot of athletes and clients who are already fit – will I be able to survive the sessions?

YES! Our sessions are specifically catered to your particular age, sex, goals, fitness level, and injury/medical history. We recognize that everyone has different fitness goals and abilities; therefore we focus on the intensity that you feel comfortable with.

Progressions are specific to the individual’s skill and fitness level. Remember, we focus on the client, so everything will be customized to YOUR fitness level and goals. How do you think our clients got to be so fit? Being Fusion Trained!

Q. How are Fusion Coaches different from other New York City personal trainers and coaches?

We believe in QUALITY training that enables you to successfully reach your goals in the safest and most time-efficient manner possible. This means the correct combination of formulated progressions, exercise techniques, exercise selection, and most of all, time-efficiency.

In our sessions, you will LEARN why we do and do not execute certain exercise movements, what to watch for in terms of technique, and how to execute your take-home workouts to match the intensity we train at.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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