Re-Generation Personal Training

Fusion Trained Re-Generation

Athletes, fitness buffs, and weekend warriors all need regeneration. Fusion’s Regeneration method is used to expedite recovery from a hard workout, feel refreshed, and ensure athletes sustain a rigorous season with minimal injuries as possible.

Our methods are focused on modalities that are proven to help you feel better, recover faster, and train harder. Fusion Performance Regeneration methods focus on:

  • Fascial stretching – A unique stretching routine developed by Anne and Chris Fredericks. You’ll immediately feel the difference from regular stretching.
  • Myofasical release – A method that involves a gentle pressure on the fasical tissue (connective tissue) to help clear out restrictions otherwise known as “knots”.
  • Joint mobility – Once the fascia and muscles are treated, we work on joint mobility to help with your overall movement pattern.
  • Muscle activation – “Re-awakening” inhibited muscles to create more stability and correct muscle firing patterns.

Regeneration methods have been used for thousands of years. Even professional athletes use regeneration methods to help soothe their bodies.

Contact us to get more information about our Fusion Regeneration Methods and you’ll feel the difference!

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