Fusion Performance Training Philosophy

General to Specific

In preparation for your goal, whether it is weight-loss, increasing lean muscular mass, or physical preparation (performance training) for a sport, you must have a strong foundation. We at Fusion Performance Training structure your comprehensive program using the “General to Specific” approach.

During the General Foundational Phase (Accumulation)

we focus on:

  • Correct movement patterns (Technique)
  • Increasing your overall work capacity (Energy system training)
  • Strengthening your deficiencies (Muscular or movement related)
  • A progressive diet program that is based on your lifestyle

During the Transitional Phase (Intensification):

  • Exercise selections progress into the more “advanced” section
  • Intensity of the specific movements chosen increases
  • Goal-specific exercises begin to increase, as general specific movements are weeded out but used for injury prevention
  • Diet program begins to tighten up

During the Competition Phase (Realization), it all comes together:

  • Goal specific movements have increased in intensity
  • General movements are taken out and we fully focus on goal-specific movements
  • Diet is dead-on for your specific goal to help maximize all gains
  • All the hard work shows here. Your gains from the past phases will come to life!

The total time spent on each phase will depend on your time frame, fitness level, and sport season. Fusion personal trainers and performance coaches will specifically tailor the program to your needs, physical capabilities, and lifestyle. As you progress, your foundation will get stronger, which will allow you to successfully complete your goals. Without a strong foundation, structured tailored program, and quality coaching, you can make the wrong choices for your diet and/or potentially injure yourself.

This is why it is so imperative to have a highly qualified performance coach and personal trainer. Whether you are looking for in-home training, sports performance training, or other fitness needs, Fusion Trainers and Coaches are dedicated to helping you obtain your goals.

“Don’t build your foundation on sand, build it with concrete”

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