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Fusion Performance Training ("Fusion") is known for its unique use of sports performance training and personal training. As certified trainers we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and efficient manner through our tailored fitness programming, personalized nutritional plans, and continuous support on your fitness path.

Fusion fitness provides personal training and sports performance training in various locations around New York City, including the privacy of your own home, office, or the many private personal training gyms NYC has to offer.

We provide personal training to everyday New Yorkers that are trying to get back into shape, to competitive athletes looking for an edge on the competition with advanced sports performance training.

Contact us today to learn more about our In-Home Personal Training, Sports Performance Training, and Personal Training in the many private training gyms all around NYC.

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fitness internship

Trying to Land a Fitness Internship? Do NOT Make This Mistake

  If you want to be at the top of your game, whether it be a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, or sports performance coach, you NEED to do an internship. Keep in mind that just doing an internship doesn’t equate to success, you clearly need to do your due diligence and make sure […]

Postpartum Exercise Basic Guidelines

Postpartum Exercise Basic Guidelines

As a NYC personal trainer I’ve had the pleasure to work with many clients through their pregnancy and post-pregnancy to get them back to shape. In fact I vividly remember my first time training a client through her first pregnancy. I was very nervous and researched everything on the ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and […]

respect strength training

Respect Strength

  Strength is a key attribute many gym rats are trying to acquire but in my opinion people don’t respect strength enough. Now I’m not talking about respect the positive effects of strength, I’m talking about respecting the acquisition of strength. Fitness marketing schemes and crappy personal trainers  constantly promise fast results that they can’t […]

Client Testimonials

"In 7 weeks, my over all strength and power has increased significantly! My broad jump increased 5", bench press 15lbs, squat 40lbs, power clean 15kilos, but most of all my times on my conditioning and speed tests DRAMATICALLY dropped! Fusion's programs were very well thought out and adjusted depending on how the guys were doing. If you want results, go to Fusion!"

Casey C.
NCAA Football

They're lots of trainers and programs out there offering sports performance training, many of which are misleading, questionable, and unscientific. If you're looking to cut through all the "BS" and find something that will really work for you. I would thoroughly recommend Chris Matsui to anyone. From beginning to advanced athletes, Chris' coaching will provide you with the guidance to get the results you want without all the gimmicks."

Angel R. MA CSCS
Wrestling and Performance Coach

"If you're looking for professional, reliable trainers, Fusion is the way to go. They don't just randomly do a workout, they really focus on what you want and need. I was a little hesitant at first of hiring a trainer at first but Chris had a keen sense of the level of intensity I needed and wanted to be at, and it was just right! I couldn't say enough good things about Fusion."

Shannon M.
Business Analyst

"Fusion made weight-loss a lifestyle change that is simple and easy to do. They really focused on a step-by-step approach that fits my schedule and routine. I've been so happy working with Fusion trainers and my results!"

Anna L.
Client Development

"In a field that has many but few quality Coaches, I'm grateful to have met Coach Chris. He is extremely detailed and focused on developing the team based on quality movements, building a strong base, and keeping a supportive and competitive team atmosphere. With great Coaching and leadership, Team Fusion Weightlifting is developing into a powerful name and I'm proud to be the captain of the team."

Alex G.
Captain of Fusion Weightlifting Tea

"Being 68 years young and having gone through multiple knee and hip surgeries, I knew that staying active was going to be key for me. Chris had recommended me to try the Fusion Regeneration Process, and WOW! This was unlike any other warm up or stretching routine, I've been through. The only word I can think of is 'released', my hips, back, legs, everything just felt 'released'. "

Josh A.
Lawyer and Tennis Player

"As a marketing executive in New York city, my work schedule demands a lot of my time so when searching for a trainer they had to not only be good but he flexible. Chris at Fusion Performance Training is just that. Not only do I feel and look better than ever before, my work was not compromised."


“Who would of thought that you could make such a big impact, so far away? Fusion’s online workout program pushed me to the next level; they were spot with everything from catering the diet, workout, and active rest for me. I tore both my ACL’s and after working with Fusion I feel like I can play basketball again! I can’t wait to get back to NYC and train with the Fusion!”

Shinri N.
Sales (Dubai)

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